Suicide; Aftermath & Beyond | The journey through the aftermath of suicide

Almost everyone has a connection to suicide, whether up close and personal, or more distant through friends or extended family.
For me, suicide was always at a distance, until one day it wasn’t.

After navigating the living nightmare that was the aftermath of my brother Brett’s suicide on 1 September 2013, I took myself on a journey to try to understand what had happened.

That journey became a voyage of self discovery, learning and healing. 

With the support of my wife Wendy and all the people we have connected with, we now do all we can to play our part in preventing other people from choosing suicide.

Ground level, grass roots. 
It's up to all of us.

About the Book

Speaking Up.

No fluff, no pretty stuff.

Effective suicide prevention starts on the ground.
With you, with me.

We're all in this together.

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If you are experiencing any thoughts of self harm or suicide, please talk to someone you trust immediately.

This web site is not designed to help anyone in immediate crisis.

Fancy a straight up the guts read without all the fluff?

Suicide; Aftermath & Beyond

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