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About the Book

Suicide; Aftermath & Beyond

‘I believe we need to quit the approach in which we quietly come in through the frilly pink curtains and talk about suicide carefully so as not to cause upset or offend anyone. I’m saying we should fire up the bulldozer, smash it through the wall and start yelling: “Let’s talk about suicide and how much it sucks.”

This book is the story of the tragic death by suicide of Paul Lynch’s brother Brett and the devastating effect it had on his family. 
It is also a powerful plea for us to face up to suicide as a result of other underlying issues and acknowledge that the way we’re dealing with it at the moment isn’t working.
‘If my story can prevent a person, or people, from leaving their family and friends to deal with the aftermath of their suicide and all that goes with it,’ says Paul Lynch, ’then I will consider that to be a success.’


I was inspired to write ‘Suicide; Aftermath and beyond’ for a couple of reasons. Firstly, after Brett died it became obvious to me that whenever somebody chooses suicide, the immediate call is one of  ‘What can we do to prevent this from happening to somebody else?' 
I also started to realise that everything to do with suicide seemed to be shrouded in some sort of mist and people were frightened to talk about it.
I wanted to - needed to talk about it so I began writing......

A lot of things didn't make sense to me, so I started a Facebook page and began to connect with other people who had lived this nightmare.  People from all sides of this conversation. People from all walks of life, yet with similar stories to tell.
It quickly became  apparent that I wasn’t alone. That’s important, because at times it really did feel like I was completely alone.  
The original Facebook page eventually evolved into a closed group called 
 Suicide Aftermath NZ

Another more public Facebook page followed and can be found here.
Suicide; Aftermath & Beyond

My goal is to help people to understand and accept that they are not alone, there are many others who are on this journey with them.
While initially my journey was one of self healing and my focus was on what happened after someone had chosen suicide, I've now expanded my focus to include the arena of suicide prevention and I am involved with many people from up and down New Zealand who share the same ideals.

I know that there will always be people who slip through, leaving their loved ones to embark on a journey through hell.
That’s not negativity, it’s reality.

Background Photo by: Fi Perez Photography
Paul and brother Brett
Paul and his brother Brett

'Suicide is not the problem. Suicide is a result of the problems.'
Paul Lynch

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